The New Kosmos MasterClass – Module One FREE!

Chacb Masterclass Free Hero
Chacb Masterclass Free Hero

Hello my fellow New Kosmos citizen, I am happy to share with you the first Module of the Ground-Breaking and Eye-opening New Kosmos MasterClass.

The Goal of the MasterClass is to:

  • Present you with your Identity in Christ
  • Position you in the Kingdom of God and
  • Prepare you to Live Abundantly.

Now, for the first time, I am offering the First Module of this one-of-a-kind seminar FREE of Charge.

There are Six Mindblowing Sessions in this Module, so strap on your seatbelt and be Blessed!

Module 1 of the New Kosmos MasterClass

The theme of this MasterClass module is:

Who Am I?

Session 1: What is My True Identity?

Module 1: Session 1

Session 2: Looking To The Son Of Humanity

Module 1: Session 2

Session 3: A Body Prepared For Me

Module 1: Session 3

Session 4: Who is the Son of Man?

Module 1: Session 4

Session 5: Who Do You Say I Am?

Module 1: Session 5

Session 6: Just Like Him

Module 1: Session 6

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New Kosmos MasterClass

Join now to obtain this Pearl of Great value. Access exclusive content concerning your New Kosmos identity and how to live abundantly in the New Covenant Kingdom.

  • Be Presented with your Identity in Christ
  • Be Positioned in the Kingdom of Heaven
  • Be Prepared to Live Abundantly
  • Be notified of new Sessions posted every week
  • Access the archive of over one year’s worth of MasterClass recorded sessions
Obtaining the clearest understanding of your Identity-in-Christ, is key to successfully and victoriously, living a life of Peace, Purpose and Prosperity…
and it’s available only through the New Kosmos Masterclass.
New Kosmos MasterClass

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