Jesus of Nazareth’s Uncanny Self Understanding

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Jesus demonstrated the proper way for us to view our roles vs our true identity.

While Jesus embraced his role as a Son of Humanity, a real true flesh and blood Hebrew of the tribe of Judah and of the stock of Israel, wandering prophet, healer and teacher, he also seemed to hold the understanding that this role was not his true identity.

Our roles are subject to the opinions of men

Jesus asked his disciples for the opinions of his fellow Jews concerning his Son of Humanity role. They replied, “Some say [you are] John the Baptist, others say Elijah, and others Jeremiah or one of the prophets.”

The disciples relayed to Jesus the opinions of his countrymen, indicating that they viewed him as being in the league of the most respected prophets of Israel.

Our True Identity is subject to God

Jesus openly embraced his role as the Son of Humanity, but he never once said “I am the Son of Humanity…”
On the other hand, he did publicly declare “I am Son of God…” John 10:36

As we take our example from Jesus, you too must understand that whatever roles life gives you, these do not define your true identity.
Your true identity is much more glorious, you are a Son, an offspring of God.

Maurice E. Rogers

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By Maurice Rogers

Maurice E. Rogers is a bestselling author and speaker. He has authored two books – "By the Grace of God... I Am" and "Why Christ Has Already Come Back."