Your self perception determines your destiny


Jesus said “He who overcomes, I will give to him to sit down with me in my throne, as I also overcame and sat down with my Father in his throne.”
(Revelation 3:21)

A Loser loses, an Overcomer overcomes

In the opinion of Jesus, we are overcomers. Yet for most of us, we have a very inferior self-perception. Our self-perception determines our destiny. A loser loses, an overcomer overcomes.

Your Self-Perception is your internal picture

The self-perception is the picture that we have of ourselves.
It is not necessarily the same as the picture we see in the mirror, it is the invisible internal picture we have of ourselves in our minds.
It is not a picture of physical attributes, but a collection of recorded feelings, beliefs, fears, anxieties, emotions that we have amassed over time, from since the day we were born.

Our self-perception is formed by others’ opinions of us

Much of how we have come to view ourselves, has been influenced by how others have viewed us, and how they communicated that view to us. Generally speaking, children internalise what their parents, peers and people they admire say about them, whether those things are good or bad.

Every experience we have ever had, every encounter with someone who has had a great influence in our lives, whether positive or negative, generated emotions in us, that are forever stored as individual memories.

Bad experiences reinforce poor self-perceptions

Each memory and emotion serves as a record in our mind which shapes our self-perception.

Whenever we think of that experience, or remember that incident, we experience the emotion, which in turn seems to us to confirm our self-image, or how we have come to perceive ourselves.
All of this influences our self-concept. It is who you think or believe you are.

Our self-perception affects our personality

The picture we see in our minds of ourselves influences the person we see in the mirror.
How you view yourself, your self-perception, not only governs your personality, but also how you view the world around you, and how you view other people.
Many of us do not have a sanctified self-image, because we are operating on the flawed and self-defeating opinions of others.

God’s opinion of you gives a correct self-perception

So how do we overcome all of this baggage that has been given to us? How do we have a self-image that is based on information and an opinion that is true and pure?
How do we have a self-image that is fashioned by information and an opinion that comes from a source of pure love for us?

The good news is that this information and opinion is available from our Heavenly Father. The thing is, most are not aware of this opinion, neither where to obtain it nor how to obtain it.

Maurice E. Rogers

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By Maurice Rogers

Maurice E. Rogers is a bestselling author and speaker. He has authored two books – "By the Grace of God... I Am" and "Why Christ Has Already Come Back."